Wednesday, February 29, 2012

how we celebrated (part 2)

Yes, I know it is almost March, but I thought I would take advantage of this "extra" day in February to post a few more photos of how we celebrated this month of LOVE.....then it is on to all things SPRING!! I am making plans to Spring clean and de-clutter and freshen things up a bit around the home front , but before we move forward.......a look back.

Valentine cards for the boy (thank you Pinterest)

 Class parties

after-school surprises in little mailboxes

hand-made bags for Valentine cards & candy (mostly candy!!)

our annual "heart attack" in the kitchen

one of my favorites
"I love daddy because he takes me to the donut shop"

our breakfast table decorated for the big day

a sweet gift from daddy

ready for school

our decked out mantel

more class parties

Valentine hugs

my beverage of choice for the evening

seeing Lady A in concert

an impromptu after school outing

a walk in the woods

a canoe ride on the lake

Our February wasn't all rose petals and chocolate. Like every month, there were some bumps along the way (hello migraine diagnosis!! hello cleaning up vomit at 1:30am!!), but it was also a month of celebrating with friends, creating special moments, enjoying spring-like temperatures, date nights, snuggling with the kids, and perhaps most was the month that the Cadbury mini eggs made their annual appearance at Target!! Here's to a great March ;-)


Vanessa said...

Lovely that you have kept track of all the sweet moments in your month. It makes the ups and downs easier to bare. Here is wishing you a great March!

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