Tuesday, August 16, 2011

back to school

With one starting Kindergarten next Monday, and one starting Pre-K(3) on Wednesday, we are officially in "Back to School" mode around our house. We are buzzing with excitement, preparing for the first day, getting our calendars in order, and thinking about how to stay organized while maintaing our sanity (and by "we" I mostly mean "me")!

There are a thousand great back-to-school ideas floating around blog land these days (and I'll admit to checking out most of them), but in keeping with my goal to simplify this year, I have chosen just a few to incorporate into our back to school routine.

Of course the all-important Kindergarten backpack and lunch box have arrived:

I've printed out this super cute Back to School Photo Checklist:

I'm in the process of printing out these cute "1st Day of School Printables" for our annual photo shoot on the front porch:

But I also really like these???:

I've read through this article on establishing a Back to School sleep schedule:

And I have a few ideas on cute Teacher Gifts for the First Day:

Like this one......

or maybe something simple like this......

and I really love this:

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! Stocking up on fresh school supplies, making lists, clearing out the clutter, getting organized, making memories, and creating traditions......what could be better than that!!

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rebecca said...

So fun to stop by your lovely blog! Thanks for sharing my back to school photo checklist and teacher gifts Kristy! :)


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