Wednesday, May 04, 2011

tea with Oprah

I don't normally watch the Nate Berkus show, but I tuned in yesterday to see Oprah give a tour of her "Tea House" in Montecito, California, and I am so glad I did! Unbelievably, breathtakingly beautiful!

A few takeaways:

1. Someday I would love to have a field of lavender right outside my back door.

2. I really enjoyed the part of their conversation that focused on the "energy" of a space.....they talked about how stress and negativity can seep into the walls of our homes and literally attach themselves to the furniture. It reminded me that I want to create a space for my family that is warm, inviting, safe and comfortable. It reminded me to pay attention to the sights, smells and sounds in our home. It reminded me that I want our home to be a place where kind words are spoken, prayers are given, and gratitude is the focus.

3. We need to have a bit more nature in our lives. Cut flowers from the "garden" and bring them inside. Turn the tv off and go for a walk. Lay on our backs and look at the clouds. Take more pictures outside. Talk to my kids about the beauty of nature and how God created all of this for our enjoyment.

4. I love the idea of having a place to sit, relax, read, meditate, pray....a place to get away from the stresses of every day life and to restore your soul. Hmm......maybe someday?

5. The photo book that Oprah received as a birthday gift this year from one of her producers is absolutely amazing!! I would love to do something like this of my kids someday soon (maybe blurb??).


©Note From Sabia........because there is always something to share! said...

what a lovely family!!! God bless you! Your blog is beautiful!

Angie said...

Of course you know I love this post. And that "don't let negativity into a space" all Grammy Maya!!!


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