Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the easter post

I truly enjoyed Easter Sunday this year. 

There have been years in the past where I felt pressure to make everything just put together the perfect Easter baskets, to create the perfect memories, to make the most of every single moment, and it usually left me feeling stressed and resentful at the end of the day. This year, we spent a lot more time talking about why we celebrate Easter and a lot less time talking about the Easter bunny :-)

Of course, the kids still woke up Easter morning to a trail of jelly beans leading them to their baskets, but this year, I didn't go overboard with what was inside. Sienna got a purple chocolate bunny (by request), some sidewalk chalk, a jump rope, glitter crayons, Hello Kitty lip gloss rings and a princess kite. Grant got a new pack of markers, a chocolate bunny, Batman toothbrushes (by far his favorite part), a new kite and the movie "Bambi." They were so excited on Sunday morning!! Johnny and I could hear them from our room when they discovered the jelly bean trail, and it made it all so very worth it!

We went to the early service for church, had family over for lunch and our annual Easter egg hunt, went swimming, watched "Bambi" and took naps.....a wonderfully relaxing day.

The thing I most want to remember about this year is asking Grant why we celebrate Easter and hearing him say, "Because that was when Jesus died on the grass." He had heard us talking about Jesus dying on the cross, and I guess he got the words a little confused :-)

 sweet Sienna posing after church

making bunny ears with the cousins (they all look so thrilled)

 her loot

 he opened every single egg before moving on to hunt for another one

 the best family shot I could get 

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Nancy W said...

Looks like an awesome day! Love your photos!


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