Wednesday, December 01, 2010

thanksgiving recap

December has arrived, and the Christmas decorating is in full swing around our house, but before we get too far into the holiday season, I wanted to post a quick little recap of our Thanksgiving holiday.

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Mississippi, surrounded by family that we only have the chance to see about once a year, so we try to squeeze in as much as possible in just a few short days. We laughed and ate and played around the clock = NO naps for Grant after he discovered that he could climb out of the Pack-n-play (frankly, I'm a little surprised it's taken him this long)! We saw "Tangled," played at the park, did a little shopping, watched the Macy's Parade, ate at Five Guys Burgers, stopped for ice cream and generally left chaos in our wake :) Sienna and Grant had a blast with their grandparents (lots of Bendaroo building and Candy Land playing), and ran around with their cousins until they literally dropped into bed at night! We also made several trips to Starbucks and the local bagel place, and Johnny and I entertained ourselves at night with some extreme Scrabble games on the iPad.........we're crazy like that :)

We made wonderful memories, took lots of pictures, and made it home just in time to jump into the magic of the holiday we go!!!

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Kelli said...

Your time over Thanksgiving sounds lovely! I loved the photo collage and how it captures so many moments.


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