Sunday, December 12, 2010


Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! I can't believe the big day is just around the corner, yet I am sticking to my promise to myself not to get carried away in the stress, the rush, the pressure.....and instead, to focus on the magic that is around every corner this time of year.

The next few weeks will be busy for us. We still have lots of activities to look forward to: our annual cookie decorating party at Gaga's house, a visit with Santa Claus, Christmas parties at school and a very special 5th birthday party to plan. But my prayer is that I will ease into each activity with a sense of grace, a sense of peace and a heavy dose of gratitude!

I am behind on my December Daily album, the Christmas cards have yet to be mailed, not a single present has been wrapped (although a few too many have been purchased), and the house is in a bit of a mess, but I am choosing this year to focus on the twinkling lights, the beautiful tree, the cozy nights by the fire, the Little People nativity set on the coffee table, the hand-made ornaments, the freshly baked cookies, and the anticipation of the days to come. There may not be time left to "get it all done," but there is still time to read a few stories by the fire, deliver goodies to the neighbors, to talk about the birth of Jesus, to pile in the car and look at the lights, to stop and give thanks for all that we have been given and all that we are blessed to be able to give.


Brandi said...

Your Christmas tree is beautiful!! LOVE it! Where in the world did you get the Santa platter? I sooo want it. Your kids are precious!! Merry Christmas!!

Erin said...

So many fun pictures! I love your mantle. That fire looks SOOOO cozy!


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