Tuesday, October 05, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. On Sunday morning, we were up a few hours before we had to start getting ready for church, so we used that time to listen to music on the back porch, chow down on cinnamon rolls, and snap a few photos. I love Sunday mornings!

2. After getting the kids to school, and realizing on more than one occasion that I have left something behind (special sippy cup with milk, extra water bottle, nap blanket left in the dryer, etc..), I have decided that today I will make a large check list of all necessary items for school and post it on the back door!

3. I am at a bit of a crossroads with my scrapbooking process....thinking about which albums my children will take with them when they leave home, which albums will stay with me, whether I want to do separate "school" albums or just include those pages in their regular albums, etc.... Lots to think about, and I am realizing that my children will most likely not want to rent a separate U-haul just to take their scrapbooks with them to college....... must come up with a good solution now!! I am in love with how this mama is doing it: You must click on the link on her page and look at the entire photobook!!

4. Today is my nephew's 6th Birthday.....Happy Birthday Kaleb!!

5. A week or so ago, I posted about how I was planning to take a photo each day of something I was grateful for, and then post it on facebook........I gave up after only posting 2 photos because it just felt weird? I kept wondering whether it was annoying and whether anyone really cares what I'm grateful for. Is that weird??

6. I am so looking forward to this today!!

7. How have I never read this book? I thought I owned it, but after digging through my "parenting" section this morning, it looks like I am going to have to order it. Let's just say.......I am in need of this book right about now :)

8. You must check out the 31 days of change blogging series!! Lots going on including taking better photos, living with less, decorating for Fall, setting a cute table......all the things I love :)

9. Today, I am planning on printing out a 5x7 of the kiddos in their Halloween costumes from the past 4 years, and framing them for the living room as part of our Halloween decor.

10. I have made it a new goal to post at least 3 times a week to my blog. I love writing. I love blogging. I love documenting our family's journey, posting photos that inspire me, sharing tips that I have found to be helpful.....and I love getting feedback from my readers, so let me know what you like, what you want to see more of......or just say a quick hello!!


Kelli said...

For some reason I never have time before church...we barely make it out the door. How great that you had some great family time. That photobook is really cute, thanks for sharing. Ooh, I've read Shepherding a Child's Heart and it is really good, a lot of good points and guidance. I love the Dorothy and Lion costumes!

Brandi said...

Love the last picture, adorable!!! Your house is beautiful!

Erica said...

Kristy ~ Justin introduced me to your blog and I have LOVED it since. I love logging on to see if you've made an update. You inspire me. Thank you!
Erica Kimble

Angela said...

I LOVE your site!!! LOVE looking at your pictures!!!!


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