Friday, October 08, 2010

eight confessions on the eighth

1. It's been less than a month since the hubby and I spent our anniversary weekend in Austin (see photo above), yet I feel like I am already in need of another vacation :)
2. I check facebook status updates on my phone entirely too many times throughout the day!
3. My children's dinner last night consisted of a thawed out Uncrsutable, canned peaches and cheesy broccoli (they didn't touch the broccoli).
4. I really want to see that movie with Josh Duhmel and Izzy from Grey's Anatomy...I think it starts today?
5. I started reading "Shepherding a Child's Heart" a couple nights ago, and it has totally and completely overwhelmed me.......I feel like I need a few parenting do-overs!
6. We are completely failing at the whole potty training thing with Grant.
7. I think organization is my drug of choice :) I get positively giddy over clean, organized spaces with room to breath......
8. I secretly enjoy the mandatory 30 minute waiting period after getting my allergy shots each week. Thirty minutes to just sit, relax, read a book, do nothing = bliss!


Brandi said...

I check fb way tooo much too! I also want to see that movie and I sooo need a little getaway with the hubs!!!

Kelli said...

Great post! I understand about wanting another vacation especially if the one you went on was really great. I would probably check FB too much too if I had a data plan. Shepherding is really good! I love an organized space and recently clean up my nightstand it was so freeing!

monica said...

Your blog is cute! I liked your list.


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