Thursday, March 18, 2010

st. patty's day recap

The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday (although I hear we are expecting another FREEZE this weekend!!!). So we decided to take advantage of those Spring-like temperatures, and have a little St. Patty's Day picnic to celebrate.

I raided the pantry looking for green snacks, but all I could come up with was green mini marshmallows and green Apple Jacks :) So along with our green milk, we had goldfish crackers, black olives, fruit snacks, string cheese and pretzels......ahhhh nutrition!!

Our impromptu picnic

He LOVED the green milk!!

Her.........not so much

Grant is in that stage of wanting to be just like his big sister, so when she is being totally silly and does something like this:

He immediately does this:

These are my favorite kind of days!!


Nancy W said...

Great job on the photos! You have such adorable subjects!

marta said...

so happy. what a fun day. p.s. be sure to send me your shipping address for the mini diary. xo.

Anonymous said...

So sweet - love the green milk idea!


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