Monday, March 22, 2010

looking back/looking forward

looking back:

* Sienna and I spent all day together Saturday: donuts for breakfast, 2 birthday parties and a mommy-daughter lunch date
* after a quick trip to the pediatrician's office this past week, Grant was given a breathing machine and we spent 3 days giving him breathing treatments every 4-6 hours (still not sure if it was asthma or allergy related??)
* this Spring Break was all about "Hannah Montana The Movie"
* woke up Sunday morning to a Spring snowfall that blanketed the entire neighborhood
* spent time with the neighbors making Rice Krispy Treat Eggs complete with white chocolate, milk chocolate and lots of sprinkles
* got caught up on our Project Life album and almost finished my very first embroidery sampler (which I am turning into a pillow for Sienna's room)
* finished reading "Lift" by Kelly Corrigan (if you are a mama, go buy this TODAY!!)
* made 2 trips to our new Half Priced Books and made almost $70 selling back old books and magazines

looking forward:

* ready to dive into "Raising Happiness" by Christine Carter
* already mapping out our Fall schedules
* excited about Sienna's first t-ball game
* nervous about her first dentist appointment
* needing to take both kids for a long-overdue haircut
* recently stumbled upon this blog and now I MUST learn to quilt!!
* on the lookout for Easter basket goodies
* finally getting rid of the high chair and replacing it with a brand new booster seat (our "baby" is growing up so fast!!)

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Erin said...

I JUST got my girls' haircuts (also long overdue), I'm jealous you're done with the highchair, and I LOVED the book "The Middle Place" by Kelly Corrigan. I'll have to get "Lift." Thanks for the tip!


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