Tuesday, March 16, 2010

unwrapping joy

I think sometimes, in the quest to "better ourselves," we forget to take the time to just have fun, to delight in the things that truly bring us joy! I know for me, it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to always do better: be a better mother, be a better wife, cook more, exercise more, be a better friend, read to my kids more, be a better blogger, be a better photographer, read my Bible more, have people over more, eat healthier (you get the idea).....frankly, it can become a little exhausting!

Don't get me wrong, I am all for self-improvement. I think it is vitally important to continue learning, to reach for new goals, to strive to be the best we can be. But I also think it is equally important to take a break from that pursuit every now and then to just ENJOY life as it is...right this minute!!

Today, I am choosing to focus on the things that actually bring me joy....not the things I wish brought me joy, or the things I believe are supposed to bring me joy, but those things that never fail to bring a smile to my face, those activities that I look forward to......the little happiness boosters that just make life a little more FUN!!

* reading a great book ("A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" is my current favorite)
* cotton candy
* baking cookies or cupcakes with my children
* watching the Bachelor with my husband (is it sad that this one always makes the list?)
* watching my kiddos play outside
* giving beautifully wrapped gifts
* Starbucks
* embroidery.........so fun, so relaxing, so satisfying
* taking pictures
* scrapbooking........I have been doing a lot less of this lately, but I still love it
* blogging.....I know it is hard for some people to understand, but it really brings me joy
* magazines
* making headbands for my daughter
* making my son laugh out loud
* shopping at Anthropologie
* picking up a big stack of photos from Costco
* singing out loud in the car
* turning up the radio and dancing around the house with my kiddos
* getting a package on my doorstep from the UPS man
* ordering something from etsy.com
* candy


Erin said...

Oh that picture of your daughter is TOO PRECIOUS! What a doll. I loved this post. You're right - there are so many little things each day that bring happiness. We like to turn up music and dance around the kitchen too. :)

Your Project Life book looks so good!

Diana said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I love yours. It's so pretty.

marta said...

adorable!! am excited to let you know, you've won a giveaway for something special. please read my most recent blog post for details. thanks! xo. marta


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