Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ordinary moments

Tuesday has become my day to think about the seemingly "ordinary" moments in my life.....to be grateful for those moments, to view them as the blessings they truly are.

A long time ago, I heard someone say, "Love is in the details," and that thought really struck a chord with me. I think about it when I am setting a pretty table or changing out the decor in our home for the season or wrapping a gift....a million little ways that I have seen love in the details. Recently, I heard it stated a little differently: "God is in the details." I love that!!

My ultimate goal is to live a life that honors God, and I believe that He is pleased when I take the time to acknowledge and to be grateful for the wonderfully ordinary moments that make up my life. Moments like:

* taking Sienna to her first t-ball practice
* watching tv with my husband on the couch after the kiddos have gone to bed
* looking through photo albums and scrapbooks with my kids
* looking back at our wedding album with my husband for no "special" reason
* getting donuts on Saturday morning
* playing dominos with Sienna
* watching Grant learn and grow and change right before our eyes
* bedtime routines: baths, books, pajamas, toothbrushes....and the inevitable complaints that go along with all of those things :)
* chatting with friends during Sienna's dance class
* watching the kids play outside on a beautiful day

I am so very grateful for these "ordinary" moments. What ordinary moments are you grateful for?


Shayne and Leslee said...

Kristy--I so agree! And most of the time I just get too darn busy to pay attention to those little details! (Like yesterday when my daughter was SO sick and just wanted to be cuddled all day and I REALLY wanted to get my assignment (from last week!) for our class posted! Guess what--I cuddled all day, then got that assignment posted at night...the details really ARE where it's at. Thanks for the reminder. ;)

Jenny said...

A life that honors God is doing what we do...well. A true gift of grace you have to see Him in the ordinary moments.

Dawn said...

it is the little things. and i also love to seek them. blessings to a busy heart!


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