Friday, March 05, 2010


I read a blog post today about the best gifts this lovely woman had every received or heard of someone receiving. Almost all of the gifts mentioned were service-based = cleaning someone else's home, cooking someone a meal, watching their children, etc... I sat there for a moment and could not think of one gift of service that I have given in recent memory!

That makes me sad.

I want to be a better gift-giver. I want to do things for others that are unexpected, or needed, or that will simply brighten someone else's day. I want to spend more time thinking of others and less time thinking of myself.

The first thing I need to do is take a look at my strengths. I am not a great cook and I really don't enjoy cooking.....but what do I love doing that could bring a smile to someone's face or lighten someone's load? I need to get creative here and think outside the box.

I just read this quote today: "What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?" Geroge Eliot

I think we are also meant to make life more fun for each other, more enjoyable, more inspiring. Sometimes, in my quest to make my own life better (take better photographs, scrapbook more, get organized, read to the kids, have a date night, eat more healthfully, make stuff, cook more, etc..) I forget to put GIVE on the list. Not just give to my own family, but to other family's as well...near and far.

Reach out. Make the connection. Offer a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on. Make pretty stuff.....give it away. Be a better friend. Ask for prayer requests.....then actually pray for them! Put in the effort. Make the call. Send the note. Ask what I can do to help.....and mean it!

I am off to brainstorm in my journal a few ways that I can begin this little mission TODAY!!


The Frisco Russells said...
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The Frisco Russells said...

You can come organize my house.... just saying' lol kidding! great post! Hugs -I had to delete my 1st comment because I can't spell this am!

Mother Huddle said...

You know her list made me realize the same thing. Thank you for sharing us with your readers, made my day!



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