Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I just finished reading my first mondo beyondo lesson this morning, and the assignment was to journal your feelings about this question:

"Who inspires you to take a chance on your dreams? Whose example challenges you to be more open to your unspoken dreams?"

My first reaction to this question was uncertainty.......my instinct was to feel nervous that I didn't have the "right" answer. But when I let myself really think about who inspires me and who gives me the courage to pursue my dreams, I realized that those people are all around me...sometimes I just take their inspiration for granted!!

My husband is a definite dreamer. He always has an idea in his head....thinking about new adventures, new hobbies, new business ventures, ways to help others, ways to improve our planet, etc.... If I am honest, I will admit that this has bothered me a bit in the past. I tend to be more of a realist....always dreaming, but much more cautious about giving my dreams a voice, much more worried about the end result and how I could ever get "there." But his positive attitude and believing spirit is something I admire and aspire to.

I have also been greatly inspired by women I have "met" only through the world of blogging. Women that are mothers, artists, photographers....women that have found a way to be a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister and not lose themselves in the process. Women that have carved out a space in their world where they can express themselves creatively and still get dinner on the table :) Women who aren't afraid to speak their minds, to tell their truths, to dream their own dreams.
These are women like: Heidi Swapp, Ali Edwards, Karen Russell, Maggie Holmes, Becky Novacek, Melody Ross

I am also greatly inspired by female authors....women who have that special gift of writing words that we actually want to read, books that we just can't put down. I just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert's second book "Committed" (the author of "Eat, Pray, Love") and it was so very inspiring....such beautiful writing!!

And finally, I am inspired every single day by my children. I am inspired to leave a legacy that encourages them to go after their own dreams, to listen to their own inner voice, to never ever give up!!

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