Monday, October 05, 2009

a change in the air

The cooler weather is here (at least for today) and I LOVE it!! There is just something about cooler weather that gets me motivated......I am in the mood to bake, clean out closets, decorate, organize photos, shop, scrapbook and get together with friends!!

Here is our front door all decked out for Fall. We are planning on making a trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend, so very soon, our porch will be jam-packed with pumpkins of all colors! I can't wait!

In other news, I have completed my first lesson for Ali's Yesterday & Today class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking and it is definitely right up my alley!! One of our first tasks was to brainstorm a list of Stories I Want to Tell.......asking myself: If I were gone tomorrow, what stories would I want others to know about me and the life I have lived?
I think this is a great exercise for everyone, even non-scrapbookers. For me, it not only made me think about the stories I want to tell in my scrapbooks, but it made me think about traditions I want to start in the future, or ways that I want our family to evolve. Here is a partial list of stories I want to tell:
*Similarities between Sienna and I as children
* Our AM/PM routine
*Losing my brother and its effects on my life
* Life-tunes mini album = songs that have influenced my life (include song lyrics and journaling or photos to show how the song inspired or influenced me)
* How we chose our children's names
* Mini-book with bits of "life advice" = one for each of my kiddos to take with them when they leave home with great quotes, bible verses, values, advice, etc...
* My failures as a mother
* College Days/Law School Days
Family Traditions Then & Now
*Birthday Scrapbbok (start Grant's and add to Sienna's)
* When Daddy comes home at night


dalekay45 said...

Hi - I, too, am taking Ali's class at BPS after taking Cathy Z's meTAV. I was so glad to see your list of story ideas! I've been browsing the blogs that were listed on the message board and your's is the first one with any ideas. I guess it is somewhat private (I haven't listed mine there either.) Actually, I'm going to make mine about my husband and me since I already have 2 others just about me.

I saw that you like to see comments on your blog - so I thought I'd give you some sunshine! I like your blog and will visit again.

Kay Flannery
( not a blog, just my email address.

cynthia said...

Love the pictures:) So darn autumn cute:) And your front door all decked out in Autumn looks like a magazine lay-out:)
loved all your ideas for class, especially the one about songs. There such a part of life and so deserve documentation. So, might have to use that:)


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