Thursday, June 25, 2009

patience is a virtue

I feel a cold coming know when you can just tell?? I have that run down, yucky feeling, a scratchy throat and an overall sense that my body is trying to tell me something.
I am feeling on-edge and impatient, especially with the little ones!! Yesterday, I lost my patience with Sienna and then proceeded to beat myself up for it the rest of the night....not a good mommy moment :) This week, I am praying for more patience with everyone, to see people as God sees them. I am praying for the self-discipline to pray before I speak, before I simply react to the situation.

I started a new bible study yesterday, and I know it is no is just what I need right now = to take the time to be in God's Word, to slow down and listen to what He is trying to tell me. One of the comments in the class yesterday really spoke to me. The instructor was talking about how women have so many feelings and emotions throughout the day, and although she was not encouraging us to bury our feelings or to become a door mat, she did point out that just because we have feelings doesn't mean we have to express every single one that we have.

That is a lesson I needed to hear!!

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The Frisco Russells said...

good lesson for all of us! :) Keep your chin up! Hugs


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