Friday, June 26, 2009

summer fun

There are certain blogs that I love to read b/c they inspire me......they provide me with new ideas, activities to try out with my kiddos, relationship advice, crafting experiments, photography advice, etc.... 
Blogs have opened up a whole new world for me, but I have to be careful not to cross the line from reading and being inspired into feeling drained and intimidated by what other moms are seemingly able to accomplish in one lifetime!!
I have always loved the idea of peeking into other's peoples lives (not in a weird way): seeing how other people decorate their homes, how they display their treasures, how they organize the toys, etc... and blogs are a way of being able to do that during my own time and at my leisure.
Here are some ideas that are inspiring me this week:

1. LOVE this Summer Bingo idea over on Stacy Julian's blog
I think I am going to come up with an interpretation of this even though my kiddos are still really young.....I think it would be a good way to plan some activities ahead of time and to keep track of all the fun things we do this Summer

2. Another fun idea some of you may have already heard about is "Muffin Tin Monday"....the basic idea is that every Monday (or whatever day works for you), you serve one meal to the kiddos in a muffin tin. There are all sorts of adaptation on this idea: colors (see photo below), shapes (all food in the shape of a circle), holiday themes, food based on a favorite book......

You can read more about it and see more photos here

3. Another idea I came across (don't remember where) was to designate a small unlined notebook as a "What Color was your Day?" notebook....I have already started this with Sienna. Each day, we set aside some time to pull out the special notebook and a jar of crayons, and I simply ask her to think about what color her day felt like, she chooses that color (or several colors) and draws whatever she feels like.....then I date it and we move on. Love it!!

4. Loving this shell memory game over at The Write Start
I could definitely pull this one off!!

5. I also saw an idea recently somewhere in blogland about coming up with a theme for the day and then adapting all of your normal activities to fit within that theme: "Strawberry Day" = having strawberries as a snack, making felt strawberries as a craft, reading a story about strawberries, etc.... other themes I saw included "Pizza Day," "Down on the Farm," "A trip to the Beach," "Camp-out"...the possibilities are endless!!

EDITED: found this here

So, what are your favorite ideas/activities for Summer???

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