Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I got back Sunday from my girl's get-away trip to Austin, and it was just what I needed!! This was the first time I had left the kiddos for longer than 24 hours, and I was determined not to let my anxiety ruin the trip. We had a wonderful time catching up, watching chick flicks, laying out by the pool, talking for hours in the hot tub, going to the spa, roasting marshmallows and just lounging around with no husbands or little ones in sight!! 

I realized while I was there, that I really need to do this more often........the hubbies tend to be much better about hanging out with the guys. They don't agonize over the perfect time/place to get away, and they don't call a million times once they are there. I realized that it is OK to leave my children with someone that I trust completely (this time it was their daddy) and just enjoy myself to the fullest.

One thing that really opened my eyes this weekend was playing a little "list" game with the girls........every time we are together, we always end up making some sort of list (Goals, Favorites, Regrets, etc...) and this time, we answered a series of questions that had to be all about ourself = NOT about our kids or husbands. This was almost impossible for me! I realized that there is definitely room in my life (now that my children are getting a little older) to include some things that are just about me. This doesn't mean that I don't LOVE my children and my husband just means that I need to remember to make time for activities that I enjoy AND to not feel one ounce of guilt.

To me, this means putting our annual Girl's Get-Away on the calendar as soon as we return from the previous one. It means finding a book club to join and going once a month. It means taking bubble baths at night, going on dates with my husband (and maybe even a romantic get-away), scrapbooking, journaling, taking a million photos a day, taking a bible study, going out to dinner with friends, looking at inspirational blogs, riding my new bicycle, meeting friends for coffee (or wine), reading great books and magazines, going to see a Chick-flick, and planning my favorite parties.

Of course, I won't accomplish this all at once.....that is not the point. Instead, I will enjoy the time I spend with my children and with my husband, knowing that I have some "me-time" scheduled each day.

On another note, here are some of my recent favorite photos........

Sienna getting crazy with some paint and a canvas........her masterpiece is now proudly displayed in our kitchen on an easel.

Loving the light in this one......we have been hanging out in the front yard every evening to escape the sun that beams down in our backyard.

I just LOVE this one!!

Siena ironing in the front yard.......I make her iron her own shirts :)


The Frisco Russells said...

Adorable pics! Lets plan a girls dinner or even a day soon with some of the "others" i have been thinking the same thing about making more 'me" time! :) hugs

therockwallhurtados said...

Oh my gosh!! :) They are SO cute! I love this post and I totally agree. It is so nice to enjoy some "You" time. I have been riding my bike lately every night around this new trail we have over here and it is SO relaxing. I always feel so refreshed when I get back and ready to have our family time. Although Jared does go with me to sometimes and then we have "our" special time too.


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