Thursday, May 14, 2009

around the house

Just thought I would share a few things around the house that are making me smile these days....... The first one is a little hard to see, but this is a new chalkboard decal I put on the side of one of our cabinets in the kitchen (bought at Target). I set our some chalk and an eraser, and so far, the kiddos are LOVING it!! It keeps them busy when I am attempting to make dinner (or more likely, browse through facebook), and it's a great place for Sienna to practice tracing her letters.

Here's the little vignette in Grant's room I put together a few days ago. It's simple really, just a fabric covered "G" from Anthropologie, the cutest caricature we had done in Florida, and the first of Grant's handprint series (I do their handprint on canvas for each of their birthdays)
This is another project that was super easy and kept Sienna very busy.......sun catchers from Hobby Lobby that she painted and then we hung them up with the little suction hooks from Target.
And finally, my brand new orange bicycle!!

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