Wednesday, May 06, 2009

checking my progress

My birthday is not until August, but I thought, with only 3 months left, I should check in with my progress
32 before I turn 33:
1. Take a knitting class = I did take the class, and it was much harder than I anticipated......I have picked up my needles and yarn a few times since the class, but I'm thinking I need a recap very soon
2. Take Sienna to the Dallas Museum of Art = NOPE
3. Bake cupcakes with the kids = this has become one of our very favorite hobbies.....we make them all the time and Sienna loves putting sprinkles on top
4. Hang up all the photos on our Family Wall going up the stairs = I just ordered vinyl wall frames from House of 3 and they will be going up on the wall as soon as they arrive
5. Clean out my drawers and closet and keep only the items I really LOVE = NOPE
6. See "Confessions of a Shopaholic" = never did see this one in the theaters, although now I can't remember why I even put it on the list??? (maybe it will be out on video before August)
7. Read "Things Good Mothers Should Know" by Alexandra Stoddard = Read it, Loved it!!!
8. Order a large, framed photo of Grant from his 1 year photo shoot = DONE
9. Go on a Girl's Weekend with friends from law school in May = I am leaving next weekend and can't hardly wait!
10. Order several pieces of art from etsy to hang on the empty wall in Grant's room = still deciding on which pieces to order, but I have bookmarked my favorites
11. Take our annual vacation to Seaside = DONE
12. Make hand print canvases for Sienna and Grant = DONE (and Grant's is even already hung in his bedroom....extra credit)
13. Get comfortable with digital scrapbooking = I am really learning a lot about digital photography and I have made several lay outs
14. Host a "Crafternoon" at our home = Not yet
15. Host my second annual "Book Exchange" = Not yet
16. Finish Grant's baby book = DONE
17. Take Sienna back to the library (she loves it!!) = I had forgotten this was on the list, and Sienna just asked me a few days ago when we were going back to the library!!
18. Go on more weekend walks and/or bike rides as a family at White Rock Lake = We have gone a few times and I think now that it is getting warmer, we will go more often
19. Have a family picnic = DONE
20. Take the kids to the Arboretum in the Spring = NOPE
21. Take our annual Bluebonnet photos = DONE
22. Maybe find a space in our home to hang a collection of said bluebonnet photos = Bought the frame with multiple openings at Target yeaterday
23. Pick out furniture that I LOVE for our new office = DONE
24. Print photos from the last few months and put in an album = Ordered about 500 photos from Shutterfly....I have received them, but they aren't in an album just yet
25. Make a "Year in Review" album online = NOPE
26. Send three cards/letters to friends for no reason = Forgot about this one too.....need to get crackin'
27. Order some fun new Spring stuff from = Chnaged my mind on this one
28. Make Sunday morning pancakes for my family = NOPE
29. Get new business cards = NOPE
30. Start a daily quiet time/prayer time and stick with it!! = I am signing up for a Summer bible study to get me back on track....I need this!!
31. Drink more water = I am doing well with this one....especially with a sinus infection
32. Eat more vegetables!! = Still need to do much better with this one (I did make roast and potatoes last night and I ate extra carrots!)

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