Tuesday, May 05, 2009

getting crafty

There's nothing like being away from home for a few days to get me in a crafty mood.....while we were on vacation, I thought of a thousand things I want to do around the house and a thousand crafty projects I want to get crackin' on. After work yesterday, I hung the caricature of Grant in his room (will post photos soon) and made a little vignette of the caricature, a fabric "G" from Anthropologie and his 1 year old handprint canvas....it looked so cute and made me feel like I had accomplished something worthwhile!! I also ordered a few of the vinyl frames from here and I am so excited about hanging them on the stairwell.......I am imagining SO many possibilities with these!! Here are a couple things around the house making me happy right now.

This is the door going into Sienna's room.....right now, it is filled with her latest and greatest masterpieces from school, and I plan on changing our the art work periodically before adding my favorites to her Preschool Srapbook.
I made this little cork board thingy before we left for Florida, and it was so easy and fun. All the items and instructions came from here. I felt like Grant's room was a little neglected in the photo department, so I just added it to his dresser and it looks great!!

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