Monday, February 02, 2009

happy birthday

My sweet little boy turned ONE last Thursday!!
* He says Hi, Bye-Bye, Night-Night, Nana (Banana), Mama, Dada, Papa, ball
* He is crawling like a speed racer and pulling up on everything but not walking just yet
* He loves his sister more than anything in the world (despite the fact that she makes him cry at least once a day!!)
* He has developed quite a temper and won't hesitate to growl at you if you do something he doesn't like
* His favorite thing to eat is a banana, but he will pretty much eat anything we put in front of him
* He LOVES being outside and especially loves riding in his new wagon
* He will not sit still for one second
* He still takes 2 naps each day (well, most days.....)
* He will not be giving up his bottle anytime soon.......apparently he thinks the sippy cup is ONLY for juice
* He has the best smile in the entire world (and lots of little teeth)
* He wants nothing to do with watching television
* He LOVES to dance and will shake his booty the second he hears any sort of music

For his birthday, I had everyone that came to his party bring something to add to a time capsule that I put together (a magazine, grocery receipt, newspaper article, letter, etc...) I closed it up and plan on letting him open it on his 18th birthday!!


The Russell Family said...

Love the list and the pics!! Landen had a jungle theme for his 1st bday too!! sweet!

therockwallhurtados said...

Wow!! I can't believe he is already one. I wish there was some way we could freeze them at this sweet age. Take care! :)


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