Monday, January 26, 2009


SO I've been in a really contemplative mood lately.....thinking about where I am in my life right now versus where I want to be and about the changes I can make to move myself in the right direction. I have also been thinking a lot about gratitude and about being content with the way things are RIGHT NOW. The idea of change, progress and growth versus peace, contentment and gratitude has been an ongoing struggle for me.......where do you find the balance??
For me, lists are comforting.....I make lists all the time (in my head, on little scraps of paper. and I even bought a book the other day that has spaces for lots of different types of lists), so here is a little list of confessions:
1. I would LOVE to own a book store (this has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember) but I am afraid that the minute I open the doors, Barnes and Noble would open up right next door!!

2. I dream about opening up a little store in our town where Mommys can get together and create, talk, share ideas, have a cup of tea........sort of like a knitting shop/craft supply shop....a beautiful little shop with a fireplace and great art on the walls......

3. I have always felt like an "in-betweener"....this is hard to explain, but you know how some people are "Stay at home Moms," and some are "Working Moms" or some people are "Athletes" and some are "Artists" and others are "Type A" and some are "Gardeners", etc..... well, I never really felt like I have a TITLE. I am more of an "In-betweener." I am not a full-time stay at home mom, but I'm not really the person that can't live without their career either. I don't have one specific hobby that I am completely absorbed in, I don't really fit into one single category. Instead, I am just a Mom who loves her children like crazy, but doesn't particularly enjoy staying home with them 24-7. I don't really consider myself an artist, but I do enjoy scrapbooking and photography and I would love to learn to knit someday. I also like fashion, but I am not the girl that buys Vogue every month or goes to the mall every week. I love to read, but I have rarely found a book that kept me up past midnight. I love being with friends, but most nights you will find us all at home (and if I'm being honest, most nights you will find us in front of the tv). I try hard to be "green" by recycling and turning the faucet off when I brush my teeth, but there is really so much more I could do for our environment.
Anyway, this is just something I have been thinking about lately.....not really sure what it means, but I feel better just writing it all down :)

4. Sometimes I have the urge to completely start over with my blog, just erase all the previous posts and start fresh.......I start feeling like I want to post prettier pictures or more eloquent posts, etc.... but then I remind myself that this blog is a REAL representation of my life as it stands today (those are the blogs I am drawn to and that it what I want this blog to be).
*see photo above of my daughter dancing after's not a technically correct photo, but I love it and it perfectly captures her spirit

So there you have it.....4 little confessions. I would love to hear yours :)

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dragonflydreamer said...

Hi Kristi, it's been awhile since I've just taken the time to visit the blogs that inspire me. You blog is one of the ones that inspire/motivate me to follow my heart. I really hope your dreams come true. They are such great ideas and closer to being possible than you may think. I'm going to think about mine and come back to post some.


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