Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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I went to the doctor today and found out that I have the flu....which is especially frustrating because I have Influenza A which is the type that the flu vaccine is supposed to guard against. My doctor said it was just really bad luck, because although he has seen a lot of people with the flu this year, I am the ONLY one so far that has Influenza A who also got the vaccine....go figure!!! SO now I am alternating between napping, drinking lots of liquids, taking hot baths and sitting up in bed with my computer in my lap trying to pass the time...... Here are some photos from the past couple weeks.

Johnny and Grant checking emails, sending text messages, etc.... My kids are going to be very 21st century apparently :)
Here we are at the Dallas Aquarium. We had the bright idea to take the kids there last Saturday, and apparently half of Dallas had the same idea......it was way too crowded, we could hardly see anything and several people got pooped on by some birds flying overhead which completely freaked Sienna out!! It was definitely an adventure :)
Sienna and I made cupcakes last week (Grant watched intently from his highchair) and then Sienna took a plate over to our neighbor's house....she was so cute running next door in her socks, trying to keep the plate from tipping over! The cupcakes were especially yummy and I accomplished one of the items on my List (32 things before I turn 33).

And here we are feeding the ducks in Highland Park on Valentine's Day....that photo of me cracks me up!!
Hopefully I will be on the mend very soon.....say a little prayer that the rest of the house stays healthy!

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therockwallhurtados said...

Ok- you are going to laugh!!! Jake my little one LOVES to look at blogs with me. He is Mr. Social and loves to see people and figure out who he knows and where he knows them from. It is so funny! Anyway, this picture of your hair blowing sideways is so cute and it made him laugh so hard. We have had to look back at it now 20 times. He says, "Mommy, she was on tv, I know she was on Yo Gabba Gabba." LOL!!! I am guessing he thinks you were a guest on that show?!?!? There is no telling but it sure is funny to hear him. :)


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