Wednesday, January 07, 2009

one little word

Sweet Grant after enjoying his daily Biter Biscuit :)

Lovely little self-portrait at 12:00am on New Year's Day

Our budding rock star enjoying one of her presents from her birthday this year

I have been pondering my One Little Word for the year and here are my favorites:
I think the one that really captures what I want from this year is Nurture. I want to nurture my family by spending more quality time together (less time in front of the television, more time outside or reading stories together). 
I want to nurture my marriage by being proactive and planning more date nights and maybe even some weekend get-aways this year.
I want to nurture my family by making our home a safe, comfortable, welcoming environment and by cooking more healthy meals this year. 
I want to nurture my friendships by making them a priority this year.....I have really let this area of my life fall to the back burner. I guess that is part of having a new born, but it's also just a result of me being lazy and complacent in my friendships. I really want to put more time and effort into my friends this year and hopefully even make some new ones along the way. Johnny and I are praying for a "couple" friendship to come into our lives. 
I also want to nurture myself by doing the things that bring me spending time creating and learning more about photography, reading great books, traveling, and spending time with The Lord.
I want to be patient with myself and the goals I have set this year. Instead of racing to check things off my list, I want to look at this year as a time to nurture those parts of my life that need attention and loving care.
I'm curious, what is your One Little Word this year???

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The Russell Family said...

Great Post and I love your word!! I think I will post about mine!! I will be praying for your "couple" friends too ~ Rick and I have have that in Jon and Liesl and we just ADORE them!! It's soooo hard to find a girfriend that you love and trust that has a guy your hubby really likes too!! Happy 2009


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