Saturday, January 03, 2009

a new year, a new beginning

So much on my mind for the New Year.....lots of changes I want to make, lots of things I want to incorporate into our lives and a few things I want to let go of in 2009. Today, I am a little under the weather. I hate this yucky-sinusy-allergy-my head feels 10 times its normal size feeling, but I know it is my body's way of letting me know that I need to recover from all the celebrating of the past couple weeks, to hibernate for a day or 2 and gear up for the first Monday of the New Year.
I am still deciding on my One Little Word for the year.....I read over the list of words on Ali Edard's blog and so many jumped out at me. Hopefully one will stand out over the next few days.
Other ideas rolling around in my mind:
1. Can't wait to get started on my Project 365
2. Looking forward to planning a few trips this year......we will definitely make our annual trip to Seaside and I am also hoping to take a trip to New York (maybe even by myself??)
3. Hosting some girls only scrapbooking/creativity retreats in our home this year
4. Learning to knit
5. Cooking up a storm
6. Finishing Grant's baby book (he will already be a year old on January 29th)
7. Nurturing my photography skills
8. Making date nights a priority
9. Tackling some home-improvement/decorating projects
10. Getting my feet wet in criminal defense nervous about this!!


The Russell Family said...

looks like you have a busy year ahead!! Good Luck!! Hugs ~W

The Russell Family said...
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