Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas has come and gone, my little girl is 3 years old, the tree and decorations are packed away for another year, life is beginning to settle down again......there is always such a mix of emotions for me when the holidays come to an end......I am excited about the fresh start of a new year and I am happy to have my house back in some sort of order, but I am also sad that the wonderfully unpredictable craziness of the holiday season is over. Christmastime is so magical with little ones in the house, and I love sitting around with loved ones sipping hot chocolate by the fire....everyone feeling full and content and with no where else in the world to be. I would like to hang on to that feeling just a bit longer (sigh).

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Stacy said...

I hope you made it out of Target Sunday w/out getting drenched...enjoyed catching up! Happy New Year!


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