Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We Can

So I know many of you have extremely differing political views from mine, but I hope you will respect my decision to use this blog as a place to record my honest thoughts, feelings, doubts, questions.......the stories of my life. I have so many emotions rushing through me today and I want to take some time to write some of them down so that someday, my children can look back on this day and see it from my perspective.

I am beyond thrilled about the outcome of yesterday's election. I sat, glued to the couch last night watching the results come in and I felt so excited to be a part of this time in history. Obviously, it is historic that the first African American was elected to the Presidency, but what happened last night goes WAY beyond that for me. I am inspired by this man to do better and be better in my own life.

I cried when Barack gave his speech last night and there was something so moving to me about the way he interacted with his wife and made me believe that there is hope for our future. This is a Godly man (despite what so many would have us believe) who wants the best for each and every one of us. I feel safe knowing that he is going to lead our country for the next 4 years.

I am also praying that this huge statement by the American people will open the eyes of so many others. I am praying that people will not use their disagreement with Baracks "policies" as thinly disguised racism. I am hoping that people will give him a fair chance to bring about the change that is so desperately needed right now. My heart has broken many times over the past few months....I have heard things come out of people's mouths in my own presence that shocked and appalled me...things that made me realize how desperately we needed this change.

I pray that now our focus will not solely be on the economy, on taxes and greed and wars and defense......I pray that our focus will be on making our country better for every single person who lives here....that we will spend more time, money and energy on helping our neighbors than we will on weapons. I pray that we will realize that we are all more alike than we are un-alike. That ALL Americans want basically the same things. They want their children to be safe and happy and healthy, they want to have people to love and who will love them in return, they want clean air to breath, good food to eat and a safe place to lay their heads. Hopefully we will begin to see that God REALLY did create ALL of us equally....he loves all of us the same....we are ALL God's children (regardless of the color of our skin!!!)

I have done a fair amount of research on both candidates....not simply of their political views, but also of their personal lives. I wouldn't feel right discussing the specifics of what I learned here , but suffice it to say, the family lives of these 2 candidates was a major factor in my decision. I am completely smitten with Michelle Obama. She is my kind of lady.....tough, smart, loving, witty, stylish, sincere, honest, caring. I respect that she has managed to become a successful working mother, someone that her little girls can look up to. And I respect the relationship that she and Barack have managed to create. I know without a doubt that she is the unsung hero in Barack's journey....he would not be where he is today if it weren't for her. I admire and respect her and I look forward to watching her over the next 4 years as our First Lady!!! 

There is just something about the Obama's that makes me proud, makes me stand a little taller, makes me REALLY believe that our children can be ANYTHING they want to be. Today is a great day!!


steven said...

Interesting thoughts. I also hope for the best results for our country even though I disagree will most of what Obama "says" he is going to do. This great Nation is going to need your prayers. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

"I am praying that people will not use their disagreement with Baracks "policies" as thinly disguised racism."

very well said and it's very sad to say that that is the case with many people. I was shocked to read that you are an Obama supporter and I was even more shocked to see that you shared your opinion on your blog.

It is my hope that we join together as one country to support our president, pray for him and keep in mind this is all part of His plan.

Thank you for a wonderful post!


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