Tuesday, November 04, 2008

today's the day!!

So I am feeling a little left out today.....I almost wish I had waited until today to vote, but I am always nervous that something will come up that would prevent me from voting on election day, so I decided to play it safe and vote early. The important thing is that my vote has been cast!! I thought it was pretty cool voting electronically.....so simple and easy!

One thing that has been bothering me, is seeing the long lines of people waiting to vote. Some people are waiting up to 4 hours!! I really admire those people....the people who are finding time in their busy schedules (work, family, etc...) to cast their votes. I just doesn't seem right that in some areas you can breeze in and out and in other areas you must wait for hours...hmmm......something to work on in the future maybe??

I was listening to the radio yesterday and something I heard really resonated......the conversation was all about how people have really become obsessed with this election and that because it has gone on for so long, many of us have gotten an "election headache." I know I have been guilty of proclaiming that I will be glad when this whole thing is over. But as I listened yesterday, I was reminded of how wonderful this time has truly been for all Americans. Yes it has been long, yes it has been tedious, yes it has been upsetting at times, and although it may be tempting at times to focus on the negative aspects of these 2 campaigns, it is far more fulfilling to focus on the enormity of what has already occurred.

No matter what happens tonight, this has already been an historic election. My daughter is not quite three years old, and already in her lifetime, she has seen a woman come extremely close to obtaining her party's nomination for President, she has seen a black man running for President and she has seen a woman on the ticket of a major political party!!  For her, it will not just be rhetoric that you can achieve anything in your life if you have the passion and are willing to do what it takes to get there.

I am so excited about tonight! We are planning on ordering pizza and watching the votes come in.........if you haven't already, don't forget to go vote today ("it'll make you feel big and strong!!!")

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