Friday, November 14, 2008

It's been a few days since I've gotten the chance to blog......lots going on around here, like getting my camera and lens stolen out of my car in our driveway :( I guess there is always a silver lining (if you choose to look for one) and the silver lining in this little episode is that (1) I was able to get a new camera and since my old camera isn't made anymore (even though I only bought it in 2007), my new one is even better than the old one :) AND (2) it was a good reminder to all of us to never leave anything valuable in your car, to make sure that your home owner's insurance covers the contents of your cars and that the deductible is LOW and also just a reminder to be safe, cautious and careful especially during the holidays!!
SO..... I don't have any new pictures to share just yet, but I am extremely excited about my new camera and can't wait to start taking some photos of my kiddos and posting them here. But in the are some photos of my cutie patooties we recently had taken with Margot Miss photography. Enjoy!!


The Russell Family said...

aaahhh that's terrible about your camera... :( but the kiddos look super cute!! :)

therockwallhurtados said...

Those are such cute pic's of the kids. I really need to try her. :) They are just adorable! That does stink about your camera too. Talk to you soon! Take care.


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