Monday, November 03, 2008


I can't believe it is November already....Halloween has come and gone and now it is time to get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Sienna's birthday and then on to Grant's FIRST birthday!! This has definitely been one of the fastest years I can ever remember.
We had a great time trick-or-treating and other than a few scary mask episodes, Sienna had a wonderful night. She loved going up to the doors and saying "trick-or-treat" and we made sure to remind her to say "thank-you" each time.....I was amazed at how many kiddos grabbed candy out of our bucket and never said a word.
As for stomach is in knots. Of course I am nervous and praying that everyone actually braves the long lines to vote, but mostly I am just praying that God's will be done (that HIS will be done and not necessarily what we as human beings believe His will to  be!!) I am trying to remind myself to simply be in the soak up this historic time in history and be grateful that we live in a country where this is even possible. I must admit that the past few months have been a tad disheartening for me at times.....I have seen racism rear its ugly head more times than I want to remember and I have been appalled at times to see religion and bigotry woven together making for a very ugly combination. But during those times, I have tried to see the good in people and to remind myself that we are ALL children of God and that when we know better, hopefully, we will do better!!

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therockwallhurtados said...

They are SO cute!!! I can't believe Grant is already so big.


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