Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas is coming

So I know that everyone always gets annoyed that the Christmas decorations, music, etc.... start popping up even before Thanksgiving, but I have decided to just embrace it. I have already started listening to some Christmas music on the radio, I bought a few new "must haves" at Target and Hobby Lobby yesterday (I always add a few pieces of mercury glass to my collection each year, and they had some really great looking "faux" mercury glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby and I also snagged a couple glittered reindeer at Target)....and I even let Sienna buy some Christmas stickers :)
I have also been browsing through all of my magazines for this month and I have gotten some really great ideas that I want to incorporate into our traditions this year.....of course, there just isn't enough time in the day to include all of them in our festivities, so I thought I would share them here in case any of these ideas sound interesting to any of you :)

(1) Host a wreath-making party. Everyone  brings things from their own yard (branches, holly, mistletoe, greenery, etc...) as well as a few ornaments and other decorations that they have grown tired of and it is all put in the middle of the table. Each person also brings 1-2 wreath forms and then everyone goes through the stash to create their own masterpiece to hang on their front door.
(2) For those of you who have little ones at home and relatives that live out of town, this little tradition is perfect. Each day during December, you and your kiddos make a card, tag, drawing, etc.....some piece of flat artwork with Christmas supplies you have on hand (paint, stickers, cardstock, patterned paper) and then mail it off to grandparents, aunts, for each day leading up to Christmas. It sounds like a fun way to keep the kids busy during the holidays, the grandparents will love it and it is a way to keep the focus of Christmas on giving rather than getting
(3) Last year, I started a tradition with Sienna of making an ornament to give to each family that comes to our house for our Christmas Eve family celebration.....our first ornament was a little Rudolph that we made out of popsicle sticks, googly eyes and little red puffs. It was so easy to assemble and she loved helping. Of course, I will keep one each year to hang on our tree as well. Not sure what we will do for our ornament this year??
(4) Other ornament ideas: Hanging a pair of your child's outgrown mittens on the tree (or baby socks), tying a pretty ribbon around their silver baby rattles or silver cups, spoons, etc... and hanging those from the tree
I have come across so many wonderful ideas (I keep most of them in a red binder that I pull out every year)....I will share more tomorrow!! 

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