Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Just thought I would share some "good things" ......to borrow Miss Martha Stewart's terminology :)
1. LOVE this quote: 
"God makes the pictures, I just take 'em." -Ed H. Urqhardt
I have no idea who this guy is, but I found this quote during my photography class and I am thinking it would be so great on the wall going up the stairs to our playroom (maybe I can create this quote on the Uppercase Living website???)

I am doing a whole wall of photos on that wall with white mats and black frames.....I would love to hang a collection of my favorite photos that I have taken surrounded by this quote!!

2. I saw this great idea in a magazine to collect photos of different family members at their weddings, turning them into black and white and doing a whole collage of those photos together (the idea in the magazine showed photos of everyone having their first bite of wedding cake as a married couple....love that idea!!)

3. Awhile back, I read an article in a magazine about a woman who decided to start focusing on the sweet, simple things that her husband did each day. Apparently, she felt like she was beginning to take him for granted and she wanted to start focusing on his positive qualities rather than constantly keeping track of what he hadn't done (sound familiar to anyone??) Her idea was to choose a specific notebook, title it the "Sweet List" and at the end of each day, record all the simple, sweet, wonderful things your husband did for you or for someone else that day. LOVE it.....I am starting tonight!!

4. Heard about this website on XM radio the other day and I think it is a great idea!!


5. I am always looking for an easy way to organize the mountain of photos that I take each and every day.......I need to come up with a system that works for me and allows me to feel (mostly) "caught up" so that I can enjoy scrapbooking my favorite photos and so that my family can look through all of our memories. I found this blog the other day and I am loving some of her idea....scroll down to her October 1st post for a look into Danelle's system 


6. If you don't already have a favorite drink from Starbucks, you MUST try a soy chi tea latte and a pumpkin loaf....so yummy for this season!!


The Russell Family said...

great list and LOVE the pics! Hugs

The Russell Family said...

yes she makes small ones too!! Email her and she will do ANYTHING! tlc479@yahoo.com


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