Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So here's what we have been up to lately:
1. Johnny brought home chocolate donuts the other night (it's a tradition between the 2 of us). Sienna saw them the next morning and asked for one....I told her that she could have one IF she ate her scrambled eggs and toast.....I walked in the other room to do something and when I came back, I noticed the box of donuts was missing. Hmmmm?? I ran to her room (the door was shut) and when I walked in, I didn't see I walked to her closet ( the door was also shut) and when I opened the door, there she was looking up at me with a chocolate-covered mouth, icing covering the carpet and a huge smile on her face. She has eaten the icing off of 2 donuts and was making her way to the third!!  I wish I would have taken a picture, but as much as I would have liked to, I decided this was an infraction that required an actual punishment and I didn't want her to think it was the way, it was HILARIOUS :) 

2. Sienna, Grant and I made cards with some friends of ours to take to the men and women at the Rockwall Nursing Home for Halloween next week. I am certain that Sienna was completely clueless as to the meaning behind what we were doing, but my prayer is that if I stick with it, she will learn by example to be a caring, compassionate person who believes that it is her DUTY to serve her community.

3. I did a little happy dance when I found out that Colin Powell had endorsed Obama!!

4. The photo of the bulletin board (above) is the board that hangs in our kitchen. I am a big fan of bulletin boards and this one is front and center in our home. I change the contents with the season (tulip pictures in the Spring, Christmas cards in December, etc...) and the other day I decided to fill it with pictures of the Fall season from the past few years. It actually looks a bit different today.....I also added recent pumpkin patch pictures and some of Sienna's art work from school (scarecrows, leaves, etc..) Love it!!

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The Russell Family said...

Love the donut story! Sounds like something Landen would do and I love the bulliten board - I see you found good use for your Amy Butler fabric you got on etsy and didn't know what to do with!! :) Adorable!


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