Monday, October 27, 2008

a photo shoot

So Johnny was out of town this weekend.....which meant I had to come up with some creative outings to keep us busy while he was away. We went to the park, had Kaleb and Kaden over to play, shopped at Build-A-Bear (for the first time) and did lots of "projects" at the craft table. 

I also decided to bring my camera along on Saturday to Firewheel and convinced Sienna to let Mommy have a little "photo shoot." She and Grant are my very favorite little subjects and I practice my photography skills on them quite often. My prayer is that little by little I will gain the confidence and talent necessary to start taking pictures "semi-professionally" (meaning....taking pictures for other people despite the fact that I am not a professional).

I would love to eventually have a part-time photography business that focuses on children and family portraits. Just something very casual and fun......capturing the everyday moments that are so precious and so fleeting. I don't have a degree in photography and other than a couple online classes and lots and lots of reading and research, all I have is a passion to tell the stories of our lives. That is my prayer and in the meantime, I will continue to follow my own children around sticking my camera in their adorable little faces.

Above are a couple of the shots I took on Saturday......I decided to just post what I got straight out of the camera rather than editing them in Photoshop first. Just the old-school way of doing it :)

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The Russell Family said...

I love the last ~ frilly skirt, funky tights, boots and muddy little fingers!!!!! Priceless!!!


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