Friday, October 03, 2008

on the VP debate

What can I say?? I watched it, I talked to the screen, I re-hashed the issues in my sleep......just another day in this ongoing political whirlwind. 
I can honestly say that I did my best to listen to Gov. Palin with an open mind.......I found myself literally sitting on the edge of my seat, squinting at the screen and trying my darndest to actually understand what she was trying to say. I was obviously annoyed by her "folksy" "I'm just your average American" rhetoric, and I was completely turned off by the ever-present smirk on her face, but the main area in which I felt she failed, was her ability to get her message across. I was amazed at her ability to use more words and say absolutely nothing.......and I am not trying to be hateful here.......I truly tried to understand where she was coming from, but I got completely lost in her ramblings. I just wasn't clear on her plan.....they claim to be "mavericks" but I have yet to hear anything indicating how they are planning to "shake things up in Washington."
Let me be clear, I am all for women in politics.....we desperately need more women in politics (in the workforce period), but not just ANY woman will do. We need women who are inspirational....women who are educated and well-traveled and interesting and diplomatic, what we do not need more of is sarcasm and fake sincerity.
I have no doubt that Sara Palin loves her family and I have no doubt that she would love to help run this country.......BUT to criticize "Washington insiders" when her own running mate has spent the better part of his life in politics is simply ridiculous. I am completely put off by people who criticize government at the same time that they are running for a government position. I am also completely put off by someone who makes a joke at someone else's expense, but when questioned, pretends that she was being sincere. In my humble opinion, the governor of a large state should also be able to say which newspapers she reads to keep up with the nation's news.....this is not a tough question!!
So those are my thoughts for today.......I fell much better now that I got that out :)

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