Thursday, October 02, 2008

10 things

1. I am excited and nervous about the VP debate tonight......I will have to TIVO it and watch it a bit later, but I am looking forward to seeing what these 2 have to say??
2. We had a blast at the Fair yesterday!! I love the sights and the smells, the rides, the games, the food.....brings back such great memories :)  See photos above
3. Blogs I am loving :    &
4. I am learning so much from my online photography class (Snapshots of a Good Life). I LOVE photography and love learning more about how to capture great photos.
5. Grant is growing so fast it is scary.....I looked at him yesterday and he looked like a little boy, he is not a baby anymore and I am just amazed by how fast time is flying!!
6. I love FALL!! I can't wait to take the kids to the Pumpkin Patch and dress them up for Halloween.....I love the cooler weather!
7. Every single time I watch The View, I find myself yelling at Elizabeth Hasselbeck!!
8. I finally took the plunge and got the ball rolling on my Fall Book Exchange party. It is something that I have had rolling around in my mind for some time now, and I am so excited to start planning.
9. Fall TV I am into right now: Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Lipstick Jungle
10. I am determined to organize our attic space next week......there is way too much clutter up there, things we will NEVER use and I am feeling the need to clear it all out and leave only those things that are sentimental, beautiful or necessary.....wish me luck!!


The Russell Family said...
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The Russell Family said...

ADORABLE! sorry i deleted the other one - i can't spell!! HAHA

Kiddos are ADORABLE!! Love the fair pictures - she's a DOLL.


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