Wednesday, September 03, 2008

30 days hath september

So I started a new project on Monday entitled "30 Days Hath September" 
I am taking snapshots every day in September of our ordinary moments and taking a little time at the end of each day to journal about our experiences that day. 
So far, my journal entries are mostly about dealing with a sick little girl the past few days, missing her first day back to school and how I am feeling about the "terrible almost threes"  :)
Some days I wonder where in the world my sweet little Sienna has gone???....she seems to have been taken over by a teenage girl, complete with sarcasm, hormones and little bouts of anger. I know, I know, this is just a phase and this too shall pass.
I am still feeling the high of this election season and I'm looking forward to hearing from Sara Palin tonight......I am hoping (praying) that I will hear something (anything) that will make me not only like her, but hopefully even understand where she is coming from on some of her beliefs.
I know Michelle Obama was ridiculed for saying that this was the first time in her adult life that she has felt really proud of her country, but I totally understood where she was coming from. Although I have been interested in politics for a very long time, this is the first time that I really feel connected to the process........that I feel like my opinions matter and that I can really see how these issues will affect my life and more importantly the lives of our children.
I look at everything with a new perspective now, and rather than allowing politics to make me cynical, I am choosing to focus on the ways in which I can make my voice heard and on how I can really hear the opinions and beliefs of others, and hopefully come away with a broader understanding than I had before. 
That is why I have been watching the RNC........rather than shutting out the beliefs that are often so different from my own (and at times it has been painful to watch) I have decided to sit there and really listen.....although if you were in my living room, you would hear me talking back to the screen fairly often :)
So this is an exciting time in our country's history. More people are involved in the conversation, more people are excited about the process and hopefully more people will be voting come November.
O and I am sorry to say that I can not claim credit for the photo.....that was taken by margot miss photography and I mean really, how unbelievably cute is she!!!

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The Russell Family said...

Love that picture - she is so sweet!!


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