Thursday, September 04, 2008

new hobby

So I signed up for an online digital scrapbooking class awhile back and I have been playing around with the lessons the last couple if I needed another hobby :)
I definitely enjoy paper scrapbooking more, but this is often faster and sometimes much easier to do in little bursts of time (nap time). These are a couple of the layouts I've finished....nothing too fancy, but I am at least learning a few tricks with Photoshop along the way.
As for Sarah Palin's speech last night.......I am still too consumed with emotion right now to really speak about it objectively, so I think I will let my mind muddle this around for a couple more days before I get all my thoughts out.

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The Russell Family said...

Oh isn't it frustrating? I started a few weeks ago and I love it but I need "private lessons" from an expert!! HAHA You are doing really good! Thanks for your sweet comments I know can you believe she's 6 months? Grant is a doll just like his big sister!! :) Someday we must get them together!


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