Saturday, March 29, 2008


I am a list girl. I love to make lists and I especially love being able to cross things off my to-do lists....., but I also love making lists of things I love and things I want to accomplish in the future and all sots of other lists that really have nothing to do with getting something "done." I suppose there is something about the chaos of new motherhood: the lack of sleep, the lack of alone time, the lack of a schedule, etc... that has made me want to just sit down and organize my thoughts, make some lists and just be inspired again by the things I love. So, with that in mind.....

I love to spend my time:
1. Having a chi tea latte at Starbucks
2. Reading a great book
3. Going through a stack of new magazines
4. Scrapbooking
5. Taking photos of anything and everything (especially my kiddos)
6. Browsing the aisles at Barnes and Noble
7. Shopping on
8. Looking at my favorite blogs
9. Going to a great movie (can't remember the last time I did this)
10. Having dinner with girl friends
11. Having a date night with my husband (another thing I can't remember)
12. Snuggling in bed with my husband and kids
13. Organizing and Decorating our home
14. Singing in church (and in the car)
15. Going to Seaside, Florida

Women who are inspiring me right now:
1. Oprah Winfrey
2. Maya Angelou
3. Ali Edwards
4. Heidi Swapp
5. Stacy Julian
6. Becky Novacek

A few things on my to-do list right now:
1. Send cards and pictures to relatives in Mississippi
2. Send thank-you cards for girls-night-out shower and for gifts sent for Grant (I am way behind)
3. Organize guest room closet, shelves in the laundry room and box up remaining Christmas decorations that are still sitting in the closet upstairs
4. Plan a Spring book exchange
5. Scrapbook more (I am actually taking a class at Gotta Scrap next Saturday)
6. Get together with girl friends more often
7. Start buying some cute new things for our trip to Seaside in May
8. Frame some pictures of Grant (he is 2 months old today and I still don't have any pictures of him around the house!!)
9. Order Baby announcements
10. Start reading more with Sienna
11. Read one parenting book per month
12. Take a Bible Study in the Fall
13. Begin working on my Library of Memories class

Right now I am inspired by:
1. Needle felted animals
2. Women who manage to balance family life and a creative career
3. Photography websites
4. Russian nesting dolls (thinking of starting a collection of these for Sienna)
5. Typography
6. Wild flowers
7. Artists on etsy
8. "A New Earth"
9. Things I hear on XM radio (Oprah and Friends)
10. Tory Burch, Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, Stacy Julian


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