Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. patty's day

I'm not a big believer in "luck" I am more a believer in blessings = opportunities presenting themselves at exactly the right times in our lives,......but for me, today is all about taking the time to look at the blessings in my life and to reflect on how truly "lucky" I am.

I am also using today to think about the progress on one of my new year's resolutions to live more "green" ths year. It is NOT easy!! We go through so many paper towels in our house and so many disposable diapers and wipes each day.....I read something today that said it takes 500 years for one disposable diaper to decompose :( I am also reading a book called "Organic Baby" and so far, it's been frustrating to read. I am learning all about the chemicals in crib matresses, bedding and children's toys.

My problem is, what do I do with all of the things we already own that are not environmentally friendly?? It's not realistic for me to think that my children are going to wear organic clothing every single day or never play with plastic toys (our house is filled with them). So will buying a couple organic outfits and toys here and there really make any difference in the health of my children?? Here's what I have decided.... I am going to start slowly adding things into our lives that are safer for our environment and slowly start eliminating things that are harmful. I can't afford to do a complete overhaul of their toys or closets, but I can become more educated on the products I bring into our home.
Small changes I plan on making:
1. washing our clothes in cold water (with 7th generation detergent)
2. turning off the water while brushing our teeth
3. start buying 7th generation wipes and diapers (at least some times)
4. buy organic produce and look for the organic version of some items we love (mac and cheese, snacks, etc..)
5. order organic towels for Sienna and Grant from Pottery Barn Kids
6. buy a bin to keep out in the kitchen or laundry room to make paper recycling easier
7. switch to Sundays only for our newspaper subscription (must ask hubby about this??)
8. before buying something for our home that is mass-produced, see if there is something equally wonderful on (I have already been making an effort to buy more handmade items)
9. making frequent trips to Helping Hands to pass on our unused or unwanted items to people that can appreciate them
10. begin looking at "organic" websites to purchase items that we need (clothes, bedding, etc..)
So there's 10 things I can put into practice right away.....won't you join me??

p.s. the outfit Grant is wearing in the picture is from Old Navy's organic line...adorable!!


The Russell Family said...

He is soo cute!!!

Lolababiez said...

Your blog sounds like my life. I've also been trying to slowly add organics into my life. I've done my part by starting an online organic baby business, check it out. I've also come across a great/funny podcast at

Lolababiez Organics

Anonymous said...

See here or here


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