Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Welcome to the Nest

I can't believe our little baby boy is finally here!! After a long, long day last Monday, we finally were able to get a delivery room and things got started around 7:00pm Monday and we had our little one at 3:02 am.

It was such an amazing experience and we feel so blessed to be a family of four now. Sienna is in love with her baby brother, although this morning she asked to see Baby Grant and when I told her he was right there beside her sleeping, she said "No, I want to see the baby Grant in your tummy..." So cute :)

We are slowly adjusting to our new sleep (or lack thereof) routine and just bonding as a family.

I am excited about our journey ahead!!


Erin H. said...

What a cute family! Have fun with your new little boy.

Wow, Sienna looks so much like Kyle did when he was little!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Oh, congratulations Kristy!! He's just beautiful. :)


The Russell Family said...

OHHH - he is soooo sweet! congrats! I'm so ready for Leighton to get here too!!

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