Thursday, January 24, 2008


so I had yet another false alarm yesterday.....went into the doctor thinking he was probably going to check me into the hospital, but he hooked me up to the monitors and I didn't have one single contraction the entire time I was there...which was good b/c we didn't have our bags in the car or the camera or anything else we would the doctor wants me back in the bed resting to make sure I make it until Monday for my induction (I am of course a nervous wreck b/c they are calling for ice today and tomorrow!!!)

So....before all of this, I was in serious nesting mode and decided to do some organizing in my scrap room closet upstairs. There was something oddly satisfying about going through paper and organizing it by color, organizing all of my embellishments by color and sorting all of my chipboard alphas into little sections...... Here are some pics of the results......

Here is a close-up shot of a few shelves in the closet

these are 2 little baskets I have on the for items that can be altered (canvases, letters, etc..) and the other for blank journals and blank mini books

I purchased 2 of these plastic containers at Hobby Lobby and organized all of my loose chipboard letters into their own slot.

This is another handy little basket that I put file flolders in and then inserted all of my letter stickers, letter rubons and chipboard letters still on the sheet organized by color. I then just added a quick little snip of ribbon, and stapled it to the top of the folder so I could see what color I want at a glance.
I also bought 10 of these clear shoe boxes and organized ALL of my embellishments by color. Then I just punched out a heart in the coordinating color and attached it to the front of the box.
OK, so I know there were probably much more productive things I could have been doing considering we are about to have a baby on Monday, but this was something fun to take my mind off of the anxiety and it really is satisfying to open up the closet door and feel a sense of order. Once the baby arrives and things settle down, I am off to tackle my photos!!!


Jen said...

I followed your link from the MB in our class. Great job on your organizing; nesting was always a productive time for me, too! I really enjoyed your other posts, also. We have a lot in common...
Jennifer (jennielaine at BPS)

Cute Card Queen said...

Oh, I am so so jealous! That looks awesome! I totally need your energy/nesting to come into my house!! Great job!! That feels so great to get organized, too!!

nicole said...

hey - found your blog through stephanie h. and sc....just want to say HANG IN with the pregnancy...we've got a few things in common...just had my second a few weeks ago. so, congrats to you!
thanks for sharing your org. ideas! i'm in the process of doing the same {you know...inbetween the laundry, the feedings, the toddler activities...etc. etc.}. best of luck!


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