Sunday, January 20, 2008


so night before last, I couldn't sleep and after laying in bed for what seemed like forever, I decided to just get up and go have a bowl of cereal....this was at 2 am!! I made my bowl of cereal and then watched the Nanny Diaries (the entire movie) and headed back to bed at 3:45...I guess it is good practice for the nights to come :) While I was laying in bed with all sorts of thoughts rushing through my head, I decided on my "one little word" for the year = FAITH
I have been fearful a lot lately...spending way too much time focusing on the what-ifs and not nearly enough on the blessings in my life exactly as it stands in this very I decided that faith will be my word to focus on this year:
faith that God will see me through anything and everything
faith that I have everything I need right now
faith that I am a good mother and a good wife
faith that I am exactly where I am meant to be
faith that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing
faith that my prayers will be answered in perfect timing
faith that God will provide for our family in abundance
I think it will be a wonderful way to redirect my thoughts when they turn towards fear and anxiety....a way to get back on track and to remember that God has all the answers if only I will turn to Him.
I am also looking at it as way to remember that I need to spend more time in the Word, praying with Sienna (and very soon with Grant as well), praying with Johnny, attending church on a regular basis, getting involved in our community and giving-back and to have faith that God will provide the energy and opportunity for all of these things in my life no matter how hectic or sleep-deprived I may be.


sim said...

blogs are so fun - a treasure hunt! Wendy left a comment on mine - haven't seen or talked to her in years...found her blog, saw your comment, stopped by here.

sounds like you are doing good and you have a darling family. best to you with the new one on the way.

simri (miller) (grant's sister)

Cute Card Queen said...

Ugh- I remember feeling that exact same, fearful way before Judah was born!! I think those days leading up are so uncertain and weird. You are doing a great job-- hang in there!!

The Russell Family said...

Great word Kristy!! And a great way to focus on the right things! :) You and lil Grant are in my prayers I know he will be here soon!! Hugs! ~Wendy


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