Tuesday, January 15, 2008

false alarm

So I thought yesterday was going to be the "big day"...... I started having some contractions yesterday morning and the doctor wanted me to go ahead and come in to make sure everything was OK. JOhnny and I ran around packing our bags, calling my Mom to come and watch Sienna and just generally freaking out :) On the way there, I was completely quiet, just thinking about how are lives are about to change and about all the things that we haven't done yet and about how much I want us to have a healthy, happy little baby. I kept thinking about this verse that I read on someone else's blog recently:

"For God hath not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and of a sound mind."

2 Timothy 1:7

I love that verse and it has really been helpful to me the past few weeks.... I am so anxious for the baby to arrive, yet I know that he is safe and warm inside my tummy for now, just as he should be.

I am still contemplating my one little word for the year, but even just thinking about all the different words has been a great motivator for me this year...it has made me live each day with more purpose and contemplation.

I have also been reading before I go to bed each night (rather than watching tv) and I just finished a great little book: "Joi de Vivre"...totally not something I would normally be into (it has a lot of recipes), but basically it is all about French family life and how Americans could adopt some of their traditions in order to live a more relaxed, peaceful and joy-filled life. I really enjoyed it and I have been trying to incorporate some of the traditions into our home little by little. I even made a big breakfast on Sunday for the first time in forever and it was so nice to just sit down together and linger over our meal....these are the days!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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