Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Ok, so excuse the quality of these photos, but keep in mind, I am on bed rest and so my "photo studio" consisted of me taking these pictures on top of my little breakfast tray :) I must confess, I snuck upstairs yesterday when no one was here and grabbed a bag of scrappin' stuff....I was going crazy and had nothing left to read, so I SLOWLY walked up there and grabbed a few essentials. I realized as I was creating these LOs that I absolutely LOVE having to create with just a few products on hand. It made the process so much easier and much less stressful and I was able to crank out some of my favorite layouts of all time. So here's what I've been up to. This one is all about Sienna and what she is like at 2 years old.....simple and easy!
This one is from our trip to Mississippi on Thanksgiving. Sienna is sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of my husband's childhood home and I knew I had to create a LO about this moment b/c my husband absolutely loves these rocking chairs (someone famous made them, I think??)

Here's one about a quick little walk we took when the weather fianlly turned colder around here. It's just a great reminder to me that we always seem to have the best time when we are outside as a family..... Just a quick little LO about my daughter's love of wearing other people's shoes.
And fianlly, a fun Christmas morning LO.
I am on a roll now, but since today is (hopefully) my last day on bed rest, these will most likely be the last LOs I will do for awhile. I am vowing not to let my creativity come to a complete halt once the new baby arrives.....I love scrapbooking, it is my escape, my outlet and I know I will be busy and tired and overwhelmed, but I have to remember how happy it makes me to create and remember to simply make time for it!!!


The Russell Family said...

Hey girlie! I lost your email address... are you on bed rest until the lil guy comes? I had 3 weeks of if with Landen and it's HARD! I'm always wishing someone would tell me I had to lay down but once they do you all you can think of is all the things you NEED to do!! Hope all is well! And maybe once Leighton makes her arrival in early March we can get together while I'm off work! ~Wendy

Carolyn said...

Cute "bed rest" layouts! Just don't be overdoing it, and hopefully you will be over the bed rest soon.

bps classmate

jjstar said...

Your pages are great! I have to try limiting myself sometime to see how many quick layouts I can do. Good luck with the new little one! BPS classmate as well.

jjstar said...
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