Friday, October 12, 2007

on my mind

So maybe it's the pregnancy hormones or maybe it was the cool weather this morning that got me thinking about change and making the most of this life we were given, but all day I have been thinking about where we live, how we live and the memories I want to create for my growing family.......
I wonder if we will always live in Texas or if we should be adventurous and try living somewhere else for awhile (before the kiddos start school)???? I wonder about taking a "Babymoon" before our second little bundle arrives....where should we go? Could we get someone to watch Sienna for a few days??? Would it be too much trouble??
I've been thinking a lot about travel lately. Sometimes I get these grand ideas for a vacation and then it just all seems too overwhelming...getting all of Sienna's gear packed, renting a car with a car seat, bringing the stroller, etc.... And then I realize how quickly time is passing and that we have to just seize the moment and go for it. It's about going on adventures, being open to new places and focusing on the time together and the memories we are creating rather than focusing on the stress of actually getting there!!
I know there is a balance between being satisfied and content with the life you have and also being open to new possibilites, new adventures, new endeavors. My goal is to always stay present. To be grateful for every moment and to really, truly be in those moments. It's difficult to actually pull that off mind is always racing, thinking about what I want to be or should be doing next, but I am trying really hard to just enjoy the time I have with my family and to also make time to just be still and quiet at some point during the take some time for myself and think about how things are going and how I can make little changes here and there to improve. To that end, here are a few goals I have made for myself:
1. Keep my camera handy and take more pictures (and actually get them developed)
2. Finish the "Photo A Day" album and take one picture every day for a month to add to the album (and journal about each picture on the day they were taken)
3. Plan a mini-vacation for Johnny and I before the baby arrives (needs to be between now and Christmas)
4. Have family pictures taken (already booked our session!!!)
5. Start planning Sienna's birthday party
6. Invite some friends and family over to make caramel apples and other fun Fall treats
7. Get going on the baby's nursery (and decide on a name!!!)
8. Block out some time to scrapbook with friends and have Johnny watch Sienna for the afternoon or evening
9. Do something unexpected and wonderful for someone else
10. Buy some new bras and yummy pajamas that will actually fit my ever-expanding body :)

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