Friday, October 05, 2007

So much going on around here lately......I have tried to post a few times, but for whatever reason, Blogger was just not letting me (frustrating!!!)

  • I spent the night away from home for a quick Girl's getaway last weekend---shopping, good food, time to catch up wtih 2 good friends and some rest and relaxation

  • I came home to find out that Sienna is allergic to pennicilin...she had hives all over her body AND Bailey had somehow managed to get a massibe gash in his side that required 18 staples and an almost $500 vet bill!!

  • We went to the Texas State Fair on was Sienna's first time to the fair and we did all the mandatory things: Fletcher's corny dogs, Jack's french fries, lemonade, funnel cakes, cinnamon rolls, pizza, lots of games and even a couple rides (she was too small for most of them) fun!!

  • Johnny is continuing demolition on the new office building (by himself) and it is turning out to be quite an extensive little project

  • I am almost finished with my 10 playing cards for the Heidi Swapp playing card swap

  • Today is Kaleb's 3rd Birthday and tomorrow we will celebrate with a red Spiderman B-day party

  • I had another checkup yesterday and I am about 22 weeks along now....I heard the baby's heartbeat and the doctor says everything is going very nicely....we are still no closer to agreeing on a name :(

  • This Sunday is the neghborhood Chili Cook-off in our cul-de-sac....looking forward to that

  • I have been really slacking on my goal to become a better photographer....I am frustrated and really critical of the pictures I have been taking and as a result, I have barely gotten my camera out in weeks....must get back on the horse again :)

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