Wednesday, July 18, 2007

embracing change

Wow! It's been over a month since I last much to say and so little energy :) The big news in our family right now is that in Feb. 2008 our little family of three will become a family of 4!! I am only 10 1/2 weeks pregnant, but I feel as if I have been carrying this little one for 10 months already!! This pregnancy has been soooo different from the first one. I have been nauseated pretty much day and night since about 5 weeks, I've been on 3 different medications (none of which worked at all) and already made a trip to the ER. So far, everything seems to be fine with the baby, but this has been really tough for me. I have had a couple pretty good days, so I am just praying that the worst of it is over and that I can begin to really enjoy the idea of bringing another little life into this world. It's funny, b/c when I got the assignment for my YTR class in June, it was all about embracing change and realizing that although change can be scary, it is good and it is necessary. When we got the assignment, I was really struggling to figure out what I would journal about....everything in our life seemed pretty stable, no big changes on the horizon....and then a few days later, I found out I was pregnant and suddenly I had a lot of changes to embrace :) So now I am trying to take Heidi's advice to heart and really concentrate on embracing the changes that are taking place with my body, with my emotions and with our family. I am trying hard not to stress out over thoughts about late-night feedings, lack of sleep and having 2 kiddos in diapers :) Change is good, this baby is a true blessing from God and although there will be some challenging times ahead, it is worth every minute.

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Anonymous said...

welcome to my world!! I got better hopefully you will too! Now you understand why I fell off the earth. I really hope that you will start to feel better after your first trimester!


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