Wednesday, July 25, 2007

scenes from a summer

Sienna taking a "sip" out of Bailey's bowl
Having a blast at the spray park
Looking so adorable in the front yard
In the garage "studio" with the new pink backdrop and daddy trying to blow bubbles into my shot (this was the best we could do :)
Beautiful color in the front flower beds (I mean garden)

I told Johnny the other day that I was feeling guilty b/c since I have been sick most of the Summer, we haven't done a lot of "summery" things with Sienna. We haven't been to the zoo or the aquarium or the farmer's market, etc..... But looking back on our Summer photos so far, I realize that it has been just perfect. We have spent a lot of time together, we have gotten a lot of use out of our new pool and we have enjoyed just staying home and being a family. This is the last Summer that it will be just the three of us and I want to savor every single moment.......

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chanel said...

great photos ... hope you are feeling better now :-)
luv chanel


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